Online cloud management portal

Your online cloud dashboard

Using the URL will bring you to your own online environment from where you control your company. Next to this you find an overview of all the functions, these functions communicate and synchronize direct with your drivers app and, if you have, the bookings app.

  • Overview all bookings
  • Complete history all rides
  • Management of all your customers
  • Create clients
  • Create portals for your customers
  • If wanted we connect to your BCT
  • Complaint module
  • Management of your favorite locations
  • Create your own rates
  • Style in your corporate identity
  • Multilingual
  • Online ride calender

The nerve centre of your taxi company

The dispatch package contains a lot more then only your driver app.

This cloud portal regulates all you vitail affairs, the log in credentials are the same as the ones you use for the driver app, this is also the place to make unlimited customer portals, click here to learn more about these portals.

Standard included in your subscription!

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