Necessary to know

  • This network operates with a moneyback quarantee
  • You are prepared to pay a fee for a fare
  • You are a professional driver
  • You are entrepreneur


DCS premium chauffeur

Money back quarantee

The customer is king. He wont express displeasure for nothing. If he express his displeasure we assume some unhappy event happend. In that case we offer a money back to avoid a negative build up, afterwards we investigate what exactly has happend. This starts with an email and can end with a personal conversation.

In the sad case that a complaint arises, we offer in your name a refund for the fare and/or an additional fare. We front this for you and we send you an invoice afterwards. In the exceptional case of reasonable uncertainty we take a closer look at the made costs and provide a suitable solution.

Fee for a fare


Entrepeneurs makes costs to attract jobs, a common compensation for this seems reasonable to us.

  • Fee for a fare is 0,99 cent
  • Unless a different amount is mentioned
  • This amount could be fixxed or variable
  • it is always the one OR the other
  • It is never both
  • You pay as you go
  • No fares no payments


Professional driver

Quality, thats you……


  • You wear neat shoes, socks, trousers and shirt
  • Being premium or pro you wear a suit and tie
  • You operate a nice and well maintained vehicle
  • You know how to behave. Always.
  • You are pround to be part of this network


You never take advantage of customers…..


  • You know how to count to 10 in stressful circumstances
  • You understand that the customer is the king
  • Your fares are always to best of your ability
  • When available you accept fares
  • Fares on bill or credit card are no problem for you


In short, you act lik an professional driver, you know that service is your business, you dont swear, you dont causes complaints, dont over price, follows price agreements, knows how the app is working, just doing your job and make some money.
Complaints are unnecessary and are often caused by an certain attitude, when we find this we stop the collaboration.

19.99 Monthly
  • Dress code: neat shoes, socks, pantelon and shirt
  • € 0,99 a fare or an variabel amount
  • Well maintained nice taxi
Beste keus
19.99 Monthly
  • Dress code: Neat shoes, suit, shirt and tie
  • € 0,99 a fare or an variable amount
  • Taxi A brand, equal E-class format
  • Priority assignment fares will be active promoted
  • Does not apply
  • Generates at least 1000 paid fares a month
  • Does not apply
  • Online Support
  • Handeling of all your tranactions

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